Sustainable Consumer Engagement and Demand Response

SENDER is a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation program that aims to develop and test the next generation of energy service applications for demand response, home automation and convenience.

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Alginet, Spain

Weiz, Autria


Total and thermal load forecasting in residential communities through probabilistic methods and causal machine learning

The SENDER project is proud to announce the release of a new publication on the...

Possible Barriers to the SENDER Project

Political/Institutional Barriers Political and institutional barriers could...

SENDER Functional Testing Environment

The SENDER Project aims to upgrade home automation and energy service, and shows how...

CIRED2023 publication : An Interoperability-by-Design approach for designing Smart Grid Solutions

Interoperability is at the heart of the digital transformation of Smart Grid, and any...

Communicational aspects in hierarchical real-time control of electric vehicle charging: Available information and its value.

Abstract Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging is a widely studied topic, and multiple...

The SENDER project: an integrated demand-response platform

ELECTRICITY consumers in the European Union (EU) suffer from high energy prices and a...

Increasing charging energy at highly congested commercial charging sites through charging control with load balancing functionality

It is expected that a notable share of charging sites will face significant congestions...

Comparing Optimization Strategies in Local Electricity Markets

Energy communities have emerged as a new way of exploiting and incentivizing local...

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