Sustainable Consumer Engagement and Demand Response

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SENDER is a project funded by the European Commission which aims to develop and test the next generation of energy service applications for demand-response, home-automation and -convenience. For that, it uses co-creation processes to develop consumer engagement in designing energy services and in providing more renewable energies to meet the energy demand.

Latest news

In February, Anni Niemi from VTT held an online workshop to introduce the project and invite households to participate in the experiment in the Finnish pilot sites

The Austrian regional newspaper, the Kleine Zeitung, advertised the SENDER project in Weiz, one our local pilot sites
This year, SENDER, represented by Jawad Haider Kazmi & Mark Stefan (from the AIT- Austrian Institute of Technology), will attend the ComForEn2023 in Vienna…
The SENDER architecture solution includes 3 main layers with the different systems that interact in the solution to provide flexibility and demand/response solutions to the consumers in order…
Security and privacy are transversal, cross-cutting issues in any ecosystem. In this document, it is shown a methodology to follow and address…
Consumer engagement is one of the main issues to be addressed to develop effective demand response mechanisms. Guidelines for the project pilots to follow in order to…

Demonstration sites

Alginet, Spain

Weiz, Autria

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