Sustainable Consumer Engagement and Demand Response


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957755.






In SENDER, innovative strategies will be developed to include consumers in the design of the solutions.

The innovative solutions will optimise smart systems for demand response, home automation, convenience, and security.

During SENDER, external events with multiple stakeholders will be created: co-creation workshops.

These workshops will prepare the demonstration phase of SENDER in the three demonstration sites.

SENDER will last 48 months, from the co-design of the solutions to their demonstration in Spain, Austria and Finland.

15 partners will be involved in the activities spread along the project and the 10 Work Packages.

The SENDER partners will work from lab-scale to live- scale to develop solutions meeting the criteria.

All along the project, the SENDER results from the partners will be available on the website and the project social media.

SENDER interacts with very different stakeholders

End-users / Consumers

SENDER targets general public and consumers by implicating them at multiple stages of the design, development and application of the SENDER tools.

Energy professionals

During the project, many lab-scale and live-scale results will emerge in the fields of demand response, consumer engagement, grid flexibility, home automation, etc.

Policy makers

To ensure compliance with current regulations and foster large-scale uptake and replicability of the solutions, policymakers are important stakeholders of the project and are implicated in the design and implementation strategies.


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