Our project coordinator, Smart Innovation Norway, represented by Christian Kunze, is thrilled to present its work on “Consumer Empowerment for Demand Response Programs” at ISGAN (International Smart Grid Action Network) Webinar focusing on “Aggregator in digitalised power systems,” taking place in March 11th, 2024.

[Presentation inspired from the event website]

This webinar aims to disseminate knowledge about aggregators in power grids, address the challenges encountered, both technical and non-technical, and share experiences from pilot projects. Participants will learn how to apply and extend the impact of the role of aggregators in the context of their own country.

Utilizing the untapped potential of customers’ distributed energy resources (DER) in the distribution network requires coordination between the TSO, the DSO and the customers. Customers, who consume, store or generate electricity, have shown interesting potential for ancillary services on power grids, but they still face difficulties in managing and marketing their flexibility on the energy market. Aggregators can facilitate these flexibilities as intermediaries, providing services to different power grid participants. This poses new challenges in terms of monitoring, controlling and coordinating the needs of customers and other market players.