📣 They talk about us !

Many thanks to the Austrian regional newspaper, the Kleine Zeitung, for advertising the 💡H2020 SENDER project in Weiz, one our local pilot sites, after interviewing our partner’s representatives Xhoi Zhupani and Gottfried Köberl from Innovation Centre W.E.I.Z. A very interesting article that will please our German speaking readers.


Translation made by the SENDER project

Using transmitters to fight power guzzlers

Using energy efficiently and thus reducing electricity consumption and costs is the goal of the “Sender” research project. Volunteers are still being sought for the one-year test phase in the Weiz area.

The population is concerned about the enormous electricity prices. Xhoi Zhupani and Gottfried Köberl from the Weiz Innovation Center are well aware of this, and they say, “Our project is in tune with the times. They are talking about the European research project “Sender”. Weiz is one of the three European pilot sites, with two others in Finland and Spain…