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Weiz (Austria)

Alginet (Spain)

Do you want to join one of the pilot trials?

All houses are fit for SENDER: you only need to live in a house with electricity supply and internet connection!

If you decide to participate, you will join the project for one year. The SENDER Box will be installed for free in your home, and will automatically schedule your consumption to make it more efficient, and to test the ways in which it can support the grid in divesting from fossil fuel energy.

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What is the SENDER Box exactly? What devices will be installed at my home?

The core of the SENDER box consists of a small Raspberry Pi, connected to the electric board, which reads data and sends information about the energy usage at home. It is able to turn on and off home appliances through the SENDER app based on the user needs, based on the energy prices in order to lower your bill, your photovoltaic production (if any), etc. It goes along with a set of sensors which will be also installed at home to keep track of the temperature, humidity, light level and occupancy of the rooms, and small actuators to turn on and off the devices when the SENDER box or the user orders it

What will you have to do if you decide to participate ?

Nothing!  Participation is free and all materials and installation costs are covered by the project. Just let it be and keep it switched on as much as possible. The SENDER app will showcase information about your consumption and its evolution, providing you with tools to better understand what type of consumer you are, so that you can keep on improving.

The SENDER automation and monitoring device works by itself. It will adapt to the characteristics of your house, and your energy consumption. Based on that, it will schedule your energy consumption so that you can live your life as usual, but also boosting your personal energy efficiency, and that of the electric grid.

What’s more, if you keep it on most of the time, the project will offer you additional energy efficient devices, such as highly efficient light bulbs or smart plugs! In this way, you will be able to increase your energy efficiency even further!

Will the project collect data about my house, and about my energy consumption?

How will these data be treated, and what will it be used for?

Yes, the project will collect data from you, your house, and your energy consumption. When you register, you will fill in some basic personal details (e.g., full name, ID, gender, age, employment condition) and about your home (e.g., address, number of inhabitants, whether you have solar panels, or an electric car…). Moreover, the SENDER Box will record your electricity consumption over time.

These data will be collected, stored, and protected by the organisation running the pilot in which you may participate (Eléctrica d’Alginet in Spain, VTT in Finland, Weiz Innovation Centre in Austria). For the purpose of research, these data will be fully anonymised and then shared with the other partners of the consortium, to analyse them. The analysis of the data is aimed at understanding deeply how different houses consume energy, and what opportunities there are to enhance their energy efficiency through the SENDER automation and monitoring devices. Likewise, the analysis will seek to generate conclusions regarding how much the scheduling of domestic energy consumption can assist the grid to better manage periods of peak demand, and to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel energy.

If you want to learn more about what participation entails, see the FAQ section.
And for further information about the objectives of the project, see Objectives.