Demonstration Sites

Alginet, Spain

Where? The Spanish demonstration site will be based in Alginet, a village located 25 km from Valencia, in the east of Spain, with 13 000 inhabitants.

With whom? The distribution network in Alginet has a special particularity: it is owned by the end users through a cooperative.

In what context? Currently, the Cooperative supplies 46 million kilowatts annually by means of 40 centres of transformation, with an installed power of 18,000 kW and almost 6.000 users get benefit from the smart meters deployed by the electric cooperative, as well as other services and actions that the cooperative initiate to benefit its end users. Apart from the main basic activities of commercialization and distribution of electric energy, the cooperative group also plays a major social role in the town by investing and redistributing their benefits among the end users.

Weiz, Autria

Where? The W.E.I.Z. demonstration site is located in the eastern part of Styria, about 30km from the provincial capital Graz.

With whom? The pilot area includes the municipality of Weiz (11.700 inhabitants), as well as the six neighbouring municipalities and a total of 26.000 inhabitants. In this context, the municipality of Weiz is seen as a centre that provides numerous important functions (schools, shopping, authorities, entertainment, hospitals, etc.) for the households of the neighbouring municipalities.

In what context? Currently connected to the grid but the potential for photovoltaic systems is very high relative to the number of citizens due to the space requirements in the neighbouring municipalities.

Otaniemi, Finland

Where? The Finnish pilot site is in Espoo, Southern Finland, close to the capital city of Helsinki. More specifically the pilot area is called Otaniemi, which is a cape on the shores of Baltic Sea. Otaniemi forms a campus district with 5.2 km2 area in total.

With whom? Around 3 500 people live in the area, but more importantly, about 15 000 people come here daily for working. The area is composed of university buildings, VTT offices as well as several companies. Services such as shopping centres and restaurants are found in the area. Otaniemi is also served with a subway line connecting the area to Helsinki city centre.

In what context? The Smart Otaniemi Innovation Ecosystem is already implemented in the area and managing the development of smart energy systems in the Otaniemi buildings (flexibility, smart mobility, district heating, data sharing, etc.).