Liity meihin! Begleiten Sie uns! Uneix-te a nosaltres!

Join the experiment in one of our pilot sites based in :
(Austria), Alginet (Spain) or Espoo & Otaniemi (Finland) !

Do you want to help us make SENDER possible?

Do you want to join one of the pilot trials?

Virtually all houses are fit for SENDER: you only need to live in a house
with electricity supply and internet connection!

Si decideixes participar, t’uniràs al projecte durant un any. The SENDER Box will be installed for free in your home, and will automatically schedule your consumption to make it more efficient, and to test the ways in which it can support the grid in divesting from fossil fuel energy.

If you want to learn more about what participation entails, see the FAQ section.

And for further information about the objectives of the project, see Objectives.

To register for participation, go to your local pilot site dedicated page:


is a project funded by the European Commission, aiming to learn how to best schedule domestic electricity consumption to make homes energy-efficient and to help the electric grid rely mainly in renewable energy sources.

SENDER addresses two crucial issues: