The past year has been a busy one for ECOSERVEIS, as our project partner coordinated all the activities involved in setting up and running the three SENDER pilot projects designed to demonstrate the technology.

Recruitment began in early 2023, and the first units were installed in 2023.

Numerous obstacles were encountered, such as procurement problems, time-consuming commissioning tasks, equipment adaptation, and so on. However, thanks to rapid communication, all the pilots and technology partners were able to resolve them and start testing the SENDER solution in Spain, Austria and Finland.

Updates on the Spanish pilot (in Alginet)

Engagement activities and social media were set up to encourage people to sign up for the project. Once the audits had been reviewed by our partners, we purchased the equipment and began installing it in homes participating in the SENDER project.

Updates on the Austrian pilot (in Weiz)

To recruit new participants, other measures were taken, including social media activities and local media coverage. Following successful registration, participants were asked to provide detailed information about their homes, in order to complete the audits for evaluation.

At the same time, the necessary equipment was obtained and preparations made for the installation of the hot water boilers. Currently, the first installations of the SENDER box and equipment are underway.

Updates on the Finnish pilot (in Tamperee and Espoo)

We have gone a long way from where we started setting up the pilot. The past year has been intensive with social media recruitment campaigns, household auditing, pilot device procurements and constant communication with the household participants.

Now we are finally ready to start installing the devices into the households and get the pilot started. Exciting times ahead!