The SENDER’s mobile application enables the users to remotely control home appliances, along with viewing buildings’ sensing characteristics and energy consumption patterns. The end user interacts solely with the mobile app and exploits the relative Building level SENDER solutions without manually interacting with the installed IoT equipment. As a result, the end users will get information and they will become familiarized with the SENDER flexibility services.

What’s the application for?

Through the application, the users can control and monitor house appliances under a common UI. In addition, they will get information about the demand response strategies that will take place on their premises as has been settled under the terms of the SENDER project.

Why develop this application?

The SENDER H2020 mobile application was designed and created to allow users to interact through an intuitive and user-friendly UI with the IoT equipment and smart appliances that were installed in the pilot sites. The scope of the application is the enhancement of the prosumers’ acceptance and engagement in SENDER project.

In the first phase, our team successfully rolled out the initial version of the mobile app to the selected beta test pilot sites. This phase allowed us to gather valuable feedback, enabling prompt issue resolution and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Building on the feedback received from beta test pilot sites, our team worked on the second version of the mobile app.

Through a small-scale deployment, we obtained additional insights and focused on optimizing the app while addressing any remaining bugs. This preparation sets the stage for a smoother mass distribution.

Following, the final version of the mobile application was announced and has been successfully distributed through Google store and app store. By meeting all necessary requirements and standards, they have made the app accessible to a wider audience, reaching users across different platforms.


Currently, the mobile app has been distributed to over 100 pilot sites and continues to gain momentum. The ongoing feedback from users remains invaluable as the team strives for continuous improvement and expansion.