D2.1 Co-creation steering group definitive list

The co-creation steering group (CCSG) definitive list will include the names of at least 12 stakeholders that will meet for one full day once per year to discuss the next steps of the customer-centric SENDER approach and to develop relevant use cases. The membership of the CCSG is divided to four distinct roles, whose members are recruited once the project has started: market role representatives; SENDER demonstration site owners; service and technology providers; and regulatory and interest group representatives.

D2.3 Co-creation conclusion report

This deliverable summarises the co-creation results and the applied SENDER co-creation methodology. The report was reviewed by the CCSG.

D3.2 Consumer engagement strategies guidelines

This deliverable collects and describes the different strategies selected in task 3.2 to engage consumers into demand response. It will contain all strategies initially considered and the reasons for the ones selected for each case.

D4.3 Regulation and policy analysis report

This deliverable analyses the policy measures and regulatory framework, identifies gaps and defines recommendations.

D2.2 Co-creation workshops report

This deliverable will summarise the key recommendations from each co-creation workshop that are organised at the SENDER demonstration sites. The primary purpose of this report is to inform the SENDER demonstration sites and the CCSG.

D3.1 Interoperable architecture report

This deliverable provides a definition of the architecture of the demonstrators, using the SGAM (Smart Grid Architecture Model), and a definition of the means to ensure interoperability, including interoperability testing and compliance to standards. Furthermore, it documents the harmonized SENDER system specifications for the development of VLab echo-system for integration and interoperability, verification and validation activities.

D4.2 Security, safety and privacy protection action plan and results

This deliverable defines the security and privacy-by-design practices and reports how they have been applied to SENDER pilots.